A work in progress

KOUE is a visual music project based on a series of songs by Angelina Schwammerlin, Isolte Avila, David Bower and two pieces with poetry from Federico Garcia Lorca. Written in the native languages of the artists, the song's linguistic ranges between German, English, Spanish and French. The artists are from Cuba, Wales and Austria. We like uniting cultures through music &  art. All pieces are original soundscapes in which guitar & percussion mix with jazz and pop voices. Sonorous & smooth, the songs breathe in a contemporary way.

Where a summer song meets the timeless expression of human voice and sign, it unfolds for a diverse audience. Located between Croatia & Austria, we will be touring The Dalmatians, Austria and Slovenia this summer in cafés and outdoors. KOUE can be performed on summer days, in small festivals, in bars, and on outdoor restaurant terraces.

For bookings write to: office@transmitterperformance.at

In cooperation with: www.signdanceco.org

Amerlin - guitar, voice, lyrics.     Isolte Avila - percussion, voice, lyrics.     David Bower - lyrics, visuals.

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songs & lyrics


Song by Amerlin

Lyrics & sung by Isolte Avila & Amerlin


Song by Amerlin

Percussion by Isolte Avila

For Lionel


Lyrics & sung by Isolte Avila

Inspired by David Omni


By Amerlin

Sung by Amerlin & Isolte Avila

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Image by 73Degree Films

The Artists

New music video OUT SOON!


A song about a constructed reality.