Tour 2023

March 25.                                 Bourneville Museum

                                         Birmingham, UK


March 28. 07:30pm          Wycombe Town Hall

                                             Wycombe, UK

                                      Bucks New University

April 14. - 15.             Barzarre



June 01. - 04.             At the Donut, 

                                       Brighton Fringe, UK  

June 17.    7pm          Museum, Bad Radkersburg,



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June 25. - July 01.       Ana Desetica Festival


July 05. - July 10.      Sibenik & Islands                                       Croatia Tour

June 23.    5pm      Uhrturm(Clocktower)

                             Schlossberg,Graz, Austria 

                                                    Tingel Tangel Festival                                      

June 22.   4pm            Museum of History,  C                                  Courtyard, Graz,

                                     Austria (Sackstrasse 16),

                                                    Tingel Tangel Festival                                           

July 19. - 30.              Southwest England Tour

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The TIME Project

Selected International artists have created short multi-art pieces answering the question

"What does time mean to you?"

These have been paired with other artists work and incorporated into this growing digital canvas.

The TIME - Project is connected to the multimedia performance IN BETWEEN SPACES and the theme of   time travel.