A work in progress

July 7th               Ana Desetnica Festival

@the picknick              Ljubljana/Slovenia



June 29th, 4pm        Time Out Festival

                            Pöllau bei Hartberg/Austria


June 28th, 6pm          Open rehearsal

Tennis court, Bergstrasse 1/Graz/Austria

June 8th, 4pm                       Transmitter Garage


June 7th, 4pm - 4:30pm      


Maria-Caesar Park 8                                Free access!

May 15.- 20.                     Pakoštane, Zadar/Kroatien


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Transmitter is proud to be partner at the Signdance Collective´s

TIME Project

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Signdance Collective


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Selected International artists have created short multi-art pieces answering the question

"What does time mean to you?"

These have been paired with other artists work and incorporated into this growing digital canvas.

The TIME - Project is connected to the multimedia performance IN BETWEEN SPACES and the theme of   time travel.

To book KOUE or the TIME - films write to: