This music has its original power in the context of a timeless sound, contemporary tuned, sometimes perceived as a futuristic sample.

The song CALM is recorded in the arcade of the 3th floor of a building in bornova/turkey. A silent desert dramaturged to the expression of the final scene of an opera. You can nearly touch the sound before it disappears and metamorphoses into something unknown.

The idea of an invisible product, a melody, just here for this moment,  intents to bring the atmosphere of the places where the songs are recorded.Transculturel, surprising like an essential key, it opens a new experience of Listening.

Cut out of situations which happened in life, the lyrics are telling stories about contemporary relationships, in a fast proceeding digital world, posing new challenges and possibilities.                 

Feelings and imaginations of the individuum faces global human disputes.

The song PAIX, originally written in french, is performed in german, spanish, sign-language and french.

Thoughts catched from a wall, typed into a typewriter, put into a song.


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The world breaks open

The day goes round

Somebody sais

Your hair smells good, your hair smells good


The world is on fire

We lie underground

Somebody sais

The war is over, the war is over


The world is bleeding

The fields are red

Somebody sais

I love you, I love you





Paix written by Elmar Radesey

Calm written by Angelia Schwammerlin & Michael Wank