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''It was an absolute pleasure to have Sign Dance Collective and Oriente in The Holbeck. A first visit for them and a mainly new and very welcome audience for us. It was a great eye-opener in the possibilities of accessibility and inclusion and it was fun, slick, thought-provoking and enjoyable made it a joy to witness and be able to support. 

Working within a non-traditional venue must have provided certain hurdles but none were too great and it was a true pleasure to have in the venue. 

We look forward to witnessing the inevitable rise of this company.'' 

Matt Angove (Leiter beim Slung Low Theater in Holbeck, GB)

''Wicked Signdance playfulness, Incredible musicality and vivacity''


''This July, I had an opportunity to work with Sign Dance International on a festival that was held on the Dalmatia coast in Croatia. I truly loved every minute of it! The experience of working with this wonderful group of professionals was astonishing. They were all extremely kind, supportive and ready to share their huge knowledge anytime. The audience was automatically involved with every performance in every venue. Municipalities where the performances were held, are all interested in new collaboration and organisation of new festivals.''

Alda Sovitti Borcilo (Lumeos Company, Croatia)

''I have never seen such an inclusive approach through my many years of working with creative organizations''.

Leona Forsyth (The Rothschild Foundation)