- CONCEPT Oriente




The performance “Oriente Plus/Power Cut” speaks a mythological language combining dance, music, drama and sign theatre. Humorous, entertaining elements build a bridge to the difficult topic of the diaspora. Specially created for outdoor use, Oriente symbolizes a place where people lose themselves, an abandoned homeland that confronts us with fundamental questions of identity.


”It is a story of the things that keep us together, even when the world tears us apart. A story about music, poetry and culture. A story that moves in it’s own way, sinuous, snake-like, circling like a vulture, gliding and drifting through the air. A story about family losing themselves and finding themselves in the memories of all the mothers and children that came before themand made them who they are. “This is a Caribbean Story of power cuts and generators, of crossroads and ocean crossings, of haunted bodies and dancing souls.Pedro De Senna

Suitable for a deaf, hearing and diverse audience (Duration 45 min).

Developed in Croatia, Great Britain, Austria and USA.        

Creative team

Pedro De Senna (BRA)    Dramaturgical script - direction

Lionel Macauley (USA)     Inspiration "spoken word"

                                         [In memoriam 07.01.1992 - 13.09.2020]

David Omni (Kuba)           music composition - inspiration

Tarik Ross Cameron         Poetry

Viviana F. Molinares          Design

Susan Whitfield                 Interviews - Engagement



Isolte Avila (USA,C)             as Milagros

Dance - Signtheater e                                                                                                                        

David Bower (UK)               as Snake                                            Acting - Signtheater- Dance e                                                                          

Ivani Ca        (PT)               as Ana                                               Acting - Voice

A.Schwammerlin (A)         as Vulture                                     transverse flute - guitar - composition


Rob Corcoran (WAL)        as Vulture                                      Digital media