concept CARTHAGE



This production is a spellbinding fusion of dance, music and sign-language that approaches the unspeakable, contemporary debacle of forced migration, trafficking and slavery.

It is an adaptation of Carthage/Cartagena, written by Cuban/American playwright, Caridad Svich.

The script takes the form of ten "Cantos", that are presented as            multi-lingual poems. The Cantos could be imagined as letters from afar.


Carthage/Cartagena is set in a despoiled, war-torn landscape that evokes the old city of the Carthaginian empire. 

Each Canto conjures a metaphorical meditation on places of dislocation and the hope that we may find in the face of dehumanising chaos.

Presented for an International deaf and hearing audience;         recommended age 13+


Carthage gives the quiet voice expression, a poetical plea through Signdance Theatre for cosmopolitanism, reason and compassion.


  No Passport, New York

Due to the tragic death of Lionel Macauley in 2020, the play can no longer be performed. Lionel played major role.



Isolte Avila (USA, Cuba)

David Bower (UK)

Lionel Macauley (USA) [In memoriam 07.01.1992 - 13.09.2020]

A. Schwammerlin (Austria)


     Dramaturgy by                      Goro Osojnik (Slovenia)

     Artistic contribution             Joke Menssink & Pedro de Senna


     Produced by       Signdance Collective International