The music written for IN BETWEEN SPACES has its original power in the context of a timeless sound and the fact of contemporary tuning, sometimes perceived as a futuristic sample.

The idea of an invisible product, a melody, just here for the moment of the show, has the intention for creating an atmosphere, like an essential key, surprising and open to a new experience.

                                                                                                                      The music composed for solo guitar and voice, combined with digital soundscapes, builts an intimate bridge between pop and avant-garde; a silent desert dramaturged to the expression of the final scene of an opera.                                                                             

You can nearly touch the sound before it disappears and metamorphoses into something unknown.

Cut out of situations which happened in real life, the lyrics are telling stories about contemporary relationships, in a fast proceeding digital world, posing new challenges and possibilities.                 

Lonesome, for example like people falling into gaps of society, especially in big cities, the texts faces global human problems like poverty, environmental issues and war.

The song Paix, originally written in french, is performed in german, spanish, sign-language and french.

Thoughts catched from a wall, typed into a typewriter, put into a song and translated into different languages.


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                                   excerpts of the songs


IN BETWEEN SPACES                     


Paix written by Elmar Radesey