The Lost Voices Tour 2017/18




An eclectic fusion of dance, acting, sign language and live music, approaches the unspeakable débâcle of forced migration, trafficking and slavery.

This dance-theatre production is a realisation of Carthage/Cartagena written by Cuban/American playwrighter Caridad Svich.



The script is a series of ten multilingual letter song-poems/cantos. Set in an imagined, despoiled, war-torn landscape, each canto conveys metaphorical places of dislocation and how we may find hope in the face of chaos.

It brings to mind the old city of Carthage. A contemporary vision of cosmopolitism, reason and compassion, presented for a deaf and hearing audience; recommended age 13+.





Part of the project is a digital online galery, entitled as A Letter From Afar. Everybody is welcome to join the platform and contribute thoughts and art work.

We hope to achieve a dynamic ever changing and regularly updated forum. We want Your Digital Voices to be a place where a thriving and intelligent exchange of thoughts and ideas from people across the world can be shared as a digital conversation, that is inspired by the themes within Carthage.



Produced and performed by Signdance Collective International






Performer Isolte Avila (USA, C)

David Bower (UK)

Lionel Macauley (USA)

A. Schwammerlin (A)