is a contemporary performance which combines image, music and dance-theatre.

The story follows a journeys of two souls perambulating in a world outside of time. Are they the first humans on Earth? Are they the last?

Are they even human or just echos of a digital mind. Among hopes of sunny days and memories of bus trips and alleyways, their paths mirror one another - will they ever meet, or will there always be space between them?

Co-created by international "signdance" pioneers Signdance Collective  and support from 73 Degree Films, the project will break new ground for combining music, movement, signtheatre, dance and film.

Through it´s visual presentation, the performance is made for an international deaf and hearing audience. (Duration: 45min)

An exciting multimedia signdance theatre for everyone!

In Between Spaces - Zwischenräume is created in the UK, Austria, Turkey and USA.

2019/20 produced by Signdance Collective International &

                                                                      Transmitter Performance


Pedro De Senna (Brasil, UK)    

Rob Corcoran (Wales)

Kate Lawrence (Wales)

Ozan Gokmen (Turkey)

Ruth Gunstone (UK)

Isolte Avila (USA, Cuba)        


David Bower (UK)         

A. Schwammerlin (Austria)

Lionel Macauley (USA)

Richard Gunstone (UK)


dramaturgy - script development

film direction - media production

movement direction - direction


production Wycombe Art Center

voice - dance - signtheatre - choreography

dance - signtheatre - voice - film - lyrics

guitar - voice - music composition - lyrics

performer - spoken word

music composition